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Travel should be FUN.  Something that sparks your imagination.  Inspires creativity.  It's an adventure on which your inner child comes out to play.

I'm Victoria Shingleton.  A storyteller, photographer, and vacation-enthusiast.  Victoria on Vacation is a travel blog passionate about the design and sharing of vacations that evoke the kid at heart.

Port of San Diego

My adventures have taken me to new cities and countries, as well as returned me to places so familiar that I could call home.  One thing I've learned is that it doesn't matter where you go - whether it's someplace exotic and remote or a popular tourist attraction that millions visit a year - travel empowers you.  It offers a new perspective.  And whether you choose to channel that empowerment into meeting new people, becoming closer with your family, or experiencing new cultures is a decision that is entirely your own.

Victoria on Vacation is not a pretentious travel blog.  I remember reading in my tourism marketing class textbook of a great debate that has evolved of the traveler versus the tourist.  The issue arose because the 'traveler' believed himself to be better than the 'tourist' and didn't want himself to be classified as one of the fanny-pack wearers.... he was more distinguished, more learned.  Well, I'm here to say who gives a flying elephant?  Go where you want.  Do what you like.  And wear whatever you fancy.

Welcome to Victoria on Vacation!

If you're new here, you can learn a little more about who I am, how I vacation, and my storytelling style through my trip reports.  Some of my most recent are:

2019 Disney Wonder 7-Day Mexican Riviera Cruise
2018 Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas 9-Day Eastern Christmas Caribbean Cruise
2017 Disney Dream 5-Day Fourth of July Bahamas Cruise

And if you want to deep-dive into some of my older trip reports, I suggest:

2014 Carnival Breeze 8-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise
2013 Royal Princess 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise
2012 Adventure of the Seas 8-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise (my first cruise trip report!)

Victoria on Vacation would be nothing without a great online vacation-loving community.  I'd love to meet and get to know more about you and your vacation style.  Join the community of kid-at-heart vacationers by commenting on any blog post!

You can also connect with Victoria on Vacation through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I can't wait to meet you!

Back when it all began....

If you're new here, welcome!  If you're not - can you believe Victoria on Vacation is over ten years old?!  I started this blog back in 2009 when I was 17 years old.  For years, I had been writing detailed "trip reports", sharing my Walt Disney World vacations with an online Disney fan community, MouseBuzz (now reverted its original name, DisneyCentral).  I really enjoyed storytelling and interacting with other people who enjoyed vacationing as much as I did, and I wanted to be able to extend that community to vacations beyond Disney.

Victoria on Vacation has come a long way since the beginning.  And it's so interesting to have this published online time capsule - teenage Victoria, college Victoria, graduate school Victoria, and... I guess I'm now "adulting" Victoria?  On this blog, I've documented my study abroad in Genoa, Italy.  Travels around Europe.  Summer in New York City. Cross-country move to Los Angeles.  Lots of trips to Disney.  And many cruise vacations.

More About Victoria

In addition to travel, I've developed an interest in photography.  Writing this blog has really pushed me to improve my photography skills because I've visited many beautiful places and want to do the best job possible sharing their beauty with you.  The photos on the blog, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me.  While my photography has strengthened a lot over the years, I am by no means an expert, and I appreciate and encourage feedback, questions, and discussion of photography which you're invited to participate in by commenting on any post!  You can also learn more about my gear by taking a look inside my camera bag.

While I enjoy traveling to a variety of locations, a few notable favorites are Disney parks and cruises.  I am an active member of three online communities - MouseBuzz, DISboards, and CruiseCritic - under the username LittleMissMagic because another important fact that I have yet to mention is that I was raised by Parrotheads.

And speaking of my upbringing, it is important to note that I would be absolutely nowhere without the love and support of my fun-loving parents, Boyd and Sharon.  Also always by my side is my sister and best friend for life, Rachel, who brightens every room she enters and never fails to make me laugh.  Now that we live on opposite sides of the country, whenever we see eachother, it's a vacation!

Shingleton Family Selfie

~~~~~~Vacation, have FUN!~~~~~~

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