Thursday, December 12, 2019

[Day 5] Disney Wonder - Puerto Vallarta & Pirate Night!

On Day 5, we arrived at Puerto Vallarta.  Puerto Vallarta is a port I'm familiar with because whenever we sail on Princess Cruise Lines, Rachel and I watch The Love Boat in our stateroom on repeat.  And in The Love Boat, they're always sailing to Puerto Vallarta.  I was excited to finally visit the Love Boat-hyped port.

Aaron had visited Puerto Vallarta once before on family vacation back in 2012.  It was a land vacation, and he remembered some very important details.  He was able to point out the hotel they had stayed in.  And, from the moment he found out we were going to Puerto Vallarta, he told me, "There's this really awesome restaurant called The Pancake House, and we have to eat there."

I know what you're thinking because it's probably what I was thinking - The Pancake House?  Pancakes?  In Mexico?  Why??  However, Aaron raved about it, and kept bringing it up - so much so that he convinced me it was important.  And I told him to forget about any other excursions in Puerto Vallarta (he really wanted to go to Marietas Islands Hidden Beach, but I was worried that we didn't have enough time, and it would be too complicated to figure out ourselves without a touring company).  We were there with a goal to accomplish one thing - dine at The Pancake House.

Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder in Puerto Vallarta

Grey skies when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, but it was very hot!  The ship docks in a nice grassy area across the street from a Walmart and Sam's Club - I bet it's a hotspot for crew members to stock up on essentials.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

[Day 4] Disney Wonder - Mazatlan & Palo Dinner

This was my first time in Mazatlan, and maybe I should've done more research because I didn't realize what an industrial port it was.  My plan was "go to the beach" but apparently that's not a popular tourist thing to do in Mazatlan.

When we got off the ship, we boarded a tram which took us through the shipyard to the tourist center.


We were immediately bombarded with people selling tours. All types of city tours. But I still wanted to go to the beach! We located a quiet bench to sit down, regroup, and decide what we really wanted to do. We had collected brochures from different tour groups, and there were beaches that they went to... but the idea of boarding a bus did not sound great to me. I wanted to ride in a Pulmonia, one of the open-air golf cart-looking vehicles.

Friday, June 28, 2019

[Day 3] Disney Wonder - Cabo San Lucas

On Day 3 we woke up in beautiful Cabo San Lucas!  This was my second time in Cabo - I had visited before with my family on our 17-day Panama Canal Cruise.  I really enjoyed the port on that cruise and was excited to be back.  Also, since I had been there before and new exactly what I wanted to do, I didn't book an excursion in advance through DCL or another company because I was pretty sure I could get a better price and more custom experience in port.

Cabo San Lucas

We stepped outside on the fourth deck to check out the view -


Monday, June 17, 2019

[Day 2] Disney Wonder - At Sea

Rise and shine, it's our first sea day!  We could see land in the distance as we sailed south all day -

At Sea

Aaron was pretty nervous about seasickness, so he took a Dramamine every morning.  He also brought along Gin-Gins - ginger candies are a natural way to cure seasickness.  But the entire, cruise, he never got sick!

At Sea

We went to Triton's for brunch that morning.

Friday, June 7, 2019

[Day 1] Disney Wonder - Welcome Aboard!

Hello, and welcome to my 2019 Disney Wonder Mexican Riviera Trip Report!

If you've been following along for awhile now, you know I love Disney and Cruising - and I really love a Disney Cruise!  So when I saw a great rate for the 7-day Mexican Riviera itinerary (Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta) on the Disney Wonder departing from San Diego, just 2 hours south of my home in Los Angeles, I knew it just had to be.

Port of San Diego

This trip marked several firsts for me - my first cruise on the Disney Wonder (so I have now sailed on all four ships in the Disney fleet!), first cruise out of San Diego, and my first Mexican Riviera cruise (though I had been to Cabo San Lucas before on our east-bound Panama Canal cruise). It was also my boyfriend, Aaron's first cruise ever - and we were on the cruise for 7 days, so I was crossing my fingers that he'd like it.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

[Day 9] Navigator of the Seas - Final Day At Sea

On our last day of the cruise, Mom was feeling a little better - well enough to leave the stateroom! We started the day with breakfast in the dining room.

I don't trust the (carton) eggs, but the smoked salmon isn't half bad...

At Sea

I took some photos the giant Christmas tree in the Promenade because I realized I wouldn't have many more opportunities...

At Sea

[Day 8] Navigator of the Seas - At Sea

At the end of Day 7 in Bonaire, Mom was not feeling well (we made her take "medicinal shots" of whiskey). She woke up today completely sick - stuffed head, sore throat, achy body... she wasn't coming out of the stateroom. It really sucks to get sick on vacation (I think we've all been there at some point... except Dad).

Rachel and I went to workout in the gym that morning and decided to check out the sauna and steam room in the ladies' locker room that Rachel had remembered. They're probably redone this layout in the drydock, but the Navigator had gender-separated sauna and steam rooms, which isn't as common on cruise ships anymore.

We ran into Dad after our workout and decided that today might be a good day for Johnny Rocket's (though we felt guilty because Mom loves Johnny Rocket's).

So Johnny Rocket's has been slowly climbing in price over the past fifteen years. There was once a day when it was less than $5 per person. The price for our sailing was listed as $6.95 per person, which we found to be a little ridiculous considering it's fast food burgers, and they're getting closer and closer to their "on-land" price. I'm wondering if Royal Caribbean is reconsidering their partnership with the Johnny Rocket's franchise because Rachel said she got a survey from RCCL asking about what kind of burger she'd like to have on a cruise, having her choose between Johnny Rocket's and other brands.

At Sea

So we sat down thinking this is kind of pricey, we should get all of the things while we're here.

Service wasn't great.  We were seated for maybe ten minutes before anyone came to take our order.
 We all ordered milkshakes and made the plan that Dad would ask for a to-go milkshake for Mom before we left.

At Sea