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Marketing Disclosure

My goal with Victoria on Vacation is to share travel stories that inspire adventure.

Unfortunately, adventure isn't always free, and websites are expensive. I invest a lot of time and energy into this blog, so in order to provide a better experience for my adventurous readers, I accept advertising and participate in affiliate programs through which I receive compensation.

I only promote products that I personally use and can recommend completely. Gaining and keeping the trust of my readers is most important to me.


Ads: Advertisement in the form of static banner ads is accepted.  The ad and the product or service which it promotes must meet my approval and be relevant to the mission of Victoria on Vacation.

Affiliate Programs: Some of the shopping links on the site are referral links that track the purchase back to the source through an affiliate program.  So when you click on a referral link and purchase something, I receive a commission for sending them your business.  I will only refer you to products that I have personally used and can recommend.  Also, using the referral links does not affect the price of anything you buy.  It only helps me fund the site.  So please, if you are motivated to purchase a product that I have recommended, use the links!  I truly appreciate your support.

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