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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 3 - Running

Rachel, Meredith, and I got up and went running at 7:00. We probably should've gone earlier (I suggested 5:30 xD), but it was still not very crowded on the beach.

After about 100 yards, I was hurting. Running on the beach works so many muscles. It's insane. I felt so out of shape. We tried to run on the packed sand, so we ended up single file. It got difficult when the beach sort of dropped off in a mini "cliff."

We made it to Jetty East (walking/jogging), and chilled in their pavillion. There were some workers down there cleaning up the grill, but other than that, we were alone.

I suggested that we run on the sidewalk on Holiday Isle. We crossed back between Jetty East and Inlet Reef and started jogging on the sidewalk. The traffic was minimal, and there were quite a few other people out jogging (more so than on the beach). I felt safe.

Compared to the beach, it was easy. I jogged for an awful long time until I realized how far ahead of Rachel and Meredith I was. I then speed-walked, then jogged some more. I stopped at an office to wait on Rachel and Meredith before heading back into Shorleine Towers. Rachel caught up with me within five minutes. Then we waited and waited on Meredith. We got a little worried and started walking back, then caught up with her. She didn't have her knee brace, and was really hurting.

By now, it was flippin' hot. We were sweating all over. It was gross.

The sand had gotten between my heels and the shoe and had rubbed blisters that bled. I probably needed higher socks.

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