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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 5 - Mellow Mushroom

We decided to go out, tonight, to look for tee-shirts and play putt-putt. I suggested Mellow Mushroom. We have one at home in Clemson. They have good pizza.

The one in Destin is in the same building as Sunsations, very near Shoreline Towers. We didn't have any wait to be seated. Rachel was starving and needed food. We wanted to get pretzels as an appetizer, but it said on the menu that it took 20 minutes for pretzels, which was too long for us. So, we opted for cheesey bread. It was good.

After arguing over what pizza to order, we finally decided to get the 16" House Special to split among the four girls, that way if you didn't like something, you could just pick it off. Mom and Dad split some sandwich.

Food didn't take that long. It was very good. I think we each got two slices of pizza. Maybe three... I don't recall.

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