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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally! Big girl heels!!!

I've complained a few times before about my tiny feet.  I wear a child's size 2/3 and a women's size 3.5/4.  Finding shoes for myself has always been a difficult task.  Four years ago, I discovered an American company that offered petite shoes for women, Cinderella of Boston.  It was great because it was the first time I was able to get adult heels that actually fit.  However, over the years, I've been frustrated with Cinderella's behind-the-times styles.  I attribute it to the fact that they have a very small consumer audience - women with tiny feet.  And of all of the women in the United States with tiny feet, there are probably more older women.  So, many of their styles are more matronly, and the highest heel they make is a 3.5 inches.

My sister, on the other hand, is a perfect size 6.  And she is best friends with the men who work in the shoe department at the Dillard's department stores in both Anderson and Greenville.  Rachel rocks the sexy designer 5-inch heels.  And I will always be envious.

This weekend was Mother's Day.  After the rainy weather put a damper on our lake plans, Mom decided that we should go to the Mall of Georgia for some afternoon shopping.  We didn't have much time, but we had our priorities.  First, we took a much-needed trip to H&M.  Then Mother said that she really wanted to go to Nordstrom and see if they had any size 4 shoes.

Someone on a message board had suggested Nordstrom for tiny women's shoes.  I was able to find many size 4s online, but the one pair we ordered was a bust (it had really bad reviews - they messed up with the ankle strap and made it too short).  I figured our trip to Nordstrom would be a bust.  Size 4s?  Surely they didn't have many of these in stock.

Well, we had a wonderful sales consultant help us.  It was tricky because I didn't have an occasion or a certain dress I needed the shoes for.  At first I requested nude or gold heels, as high as I can get, in size 4.  It was a little frustrating because the first few shoes I put on were still too big.  Rachel was telling me that if I wanted to wear sexy shoes, then I needed to suck it up.  I can walk in them, but if you look down at my feet, you can tell they are too big!  Mother has always been a stickler for fit - It looks like she's playing dress-up.  The sales consultant didn't really understand how difficult it was for me to find shoes, and that I was willing to stock up, no occasion necessary.  "Too bad you don't need black.  We have a lot of black shoes in size 4."  Well, that will work too - bring them all!

On the second trip (must've missed this on the gold run) she came back with....


Beautiful gold Enzo Angiolini slingbacks!





I WAS IN LOVE!!!!!! We also ordered a nude patent pair of pumps (not slingback). Hopefully they will fit! They were one of two pairs left in the United States. The sales consultant had to search for the shoe, then call the store directly and get them to send me the pair they had left. I am so excited!!!

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