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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Victoria Returns

This blog is something that I somewhat forgot about.  I still documented all of my trips to Walt Disney World, and even documented my last Christmas cruise online.  However, instead of updating the blog, I published them only through online forums.


More traffic and easier to publish in only one format.  The code for publishing photos online is different than publishing in forums, and it was getting confusing and time-consuming having to go back and forth between the two of them.  I got more traffic on my trip reports on forums, and once people stumble across it on a forum, there really is no need to go to the blog.  Sure, I could post a link to the blog and only post the entire report here, but that's two clicks - people are more likely to ignore you if they have to click twice to read your stuff.

A lot has happened over the years.  I just finished up my second year of architecture at Clemson University.  In that time...

  1. We sailed on the Serenade of the Seas out of Puerto Rico for spring break
  2. Went back to Walt Disney World to celebrate my high school graduation at the Polynesian
  3. Returned to our annual summer vacation spot in Destin, Florida - stayed at Jade East
  4. 9-Night Christmas cruise on the Carnival Dream
  5. 4th of July at Walt Disney World, Grand Floridian Resort
  6. Destin, again - Sterling Sands
  7. I went on an architecture field trip to Washington, DC and Philadelphia
  8. 8-Night Christmas cruise on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas out of Puerto Rico
  9. Followed by a week at the Marriott Stellaris in San Juan
  10. Then I went to the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida (do NOT bring up the Orange Bowl!)
  11. Spring break at Walt Disney World - Polynesian
  12. I went to the AIAS (architecture students) South Quad convention in Charlotte, NC
Listing it out really helps me put it in perspective - that's a lot of travel for two years!

I've decided that it's still important for me to keep a blog because I will be living in Genoa, Italy next spring!  Not to mention, we have an upcoming graduation celebration for my little sister which combines her favorite things - cruises, Disney, and friends.

My goal for this blog is to not make it just a string of trip reports when I come back from vacation.  I actually participate a lot in the vacation planning process.  Heck, I practically planned and booked every aspect of Rachel's upcoming graduation trip.  So I have a lot to contribute there, and I've learned a good bit throughout the years on packing and traveling... and I'm always learning new things when I travel.

Not to mention, the term "vacation" could be used loosely - perhaps it doesn't mean just visiting different places, but taking a vacation from school/work/life.  I suppose I'll continue to define vacation as I continue this blog.

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