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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Clemson University Architecture Villa in Genoa, Italy

Clemson University's School of Architecture hosts what it calls a "Fluid Campus."  One semester during students' third year of school, they'll spend it abroad in either Barcelona, Charleston, or Genoa, Italy.  The Genoa, Italy program is the oldest (40 years this year!) and began when CAF purchased a villa in Genoa, Italy - a town not so accustomed to tourism (especially not at the time) that would provide students with an authentic Italian living experience.

I had heard on and on about the wonderful villa that we got to stay in while studying architecture in Italy.  However, I'd seen very few pictures of this amazing villa online.  So I set out to document it and share it with everyone curious.


As soon as you step out the front door, you're practically on the street.  And the street goes one way... both ways.  It's interesting to watch as two cars come in opposing directions in front of the villa.  One will give way and back up, letting the other through.  It's such a smooth process - no bickering about whose turn it is. It just happens.


When you first enter, there's a bell.

Dinner Bell!

And then you have two options.

You could turn left and go up to the kitchen -

Entry - to Left (leads downstairs)

Or you could turn right and go upstairs -

Entry - to Right (leads upstairs)

Up the stairs...

What fascinates me about this is that within the circle cut-out is actually the kitchen area. You can tell this villa was designed by an architect.

Opening to Kitchen

Continuing Up...


The service staircase goes directly to all three levels of the villa.


There are three rooms for studio on the main level.




A classroom/lounge area -

' DSC_7235-33


And a library -




Outside is the garden -



Fruit grows in the garden.



This terrace is actually off-limits because it overlooks the professor's suite. We didn't know at the time... oops.

Rear Terrace


Downstairs is the dining area -


A lounge -

Downstairs Den

And a kitchen and pantry which I need to photograph.

The garage with the laundry machines (which is detached) -


The students live on the third floor.

Staircase from Main Level to Student Rooms

2-Person Bedroom

2-Person Bedroom


My Room

Balcony off my Room

The closets are all IKEA. Everyone got their own, but there were only 14 of us.

My Closet

There are four full bathrooms and one shower room at one end of the third floor.


The shower room is kind of useless for two people because not many people want to hop in the clear showers side-by-side together.


There are four toilets upstairs, and they all flush differently.


There is also a guest suite upstairs which can be rented out for 40 Euros a night per person.

Guest Room

The guests who went the suite get exclusive use of the side terrace overlooking the garden during their stay.

The villa is amazing, and we're so lucky to have this and be able to use it for Clemson architecture.

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