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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emily and Steven's Christmas Engagement Announcement Photos

I've known Emily forever.  Our mothers are best friends, so we grew up playing together during their get-togethers.  We've gone on several vacations with her family and basically grew up together.  One thing I love about Emily is that she's so genuine and sweet - beautiful on the inside and out.  Her happiness is infectious  If you're having a bad day, she'll cheer you up.  If you need a hug, Emily is there.

Emily and Steven have been together since high school.  Steven is absolutely hilarious.  He tells the best stories and never fails to make you laugh.  He's absolutely the perfect guy for Emily - the two are so adorable together.  And what's exceptionally awesome about Steven is that he's so involved in the wedding planning process.  Steven was actually the one to call me to set up the photo shoot and who I communicated with about the Christmas cards.

Emily and Steven were engaged last May, and I shot her brother, Jay's wedding last August.  Steven and Emily wanted photos for a Christmas card that also announced their engagement.  Besides that, they really left a lot up to me, which was awesome.

We shot their photos on a variety of locations on Emily's family land.  I loved the outfits that Emily and Steven chose.

We started at the "Old Home Place."  The colors there were beautiful.




The horses weren't too fond of the camera, but one did venture over to say hello.





Steven kept us laughing the entire time -



We then moved to Grandma's farm.






And we ended at Emily's house.  We were battling a light rain towards the end.  But Emily had a very positive take to it - the dark skies made it look more wintery for their Christmas photos!

Emily and Steven entered their church's Twitter competition wearing their Newspring "Fully Alive" shirts.  What's more alive than Christmas lights?

The submitted (and winning!) photo -


DSC_5710rr DSC_5716rr

Steven texted me earlier that week asking if I had any Mickey gloves. It just so happened I did!



Once Emily's mom came home, we got a case of the giggles...what's funnier than a future mother-in-law peeking in the background?



And the final product -

Christmas Card

Emily and Steven, I really loved doing this shoot and thank you both for the opportunity!  Congratulations, again, on your engagement!

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