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Friday, January 4, 2013

Island Princess Christmas Cruise [Day 9] - Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman was the only port we had been to before (back in 2008!). We knew that we wanted to go shopping, to Hell, and then Seven Mile Beach.

That morning, they had everyone go to the Bordeaux Ballroom to get a tender ticket, and you'd wait there until you were called. We were lucky enough to be handed a ticket and told immediately to go. Well, we were in line and two women wandered up behind us looking rather confused got in line. I wasn't sure if they knew they had to get a tender ticket, so I thought I would make sure she had one so she didn't stand in this line only to be told she needed a tender ticket. Well, instead of speaking to me, she gestures to a sticker on her chest that says #2. An older gentleman behind me butts in rather rudely and says, "She doesn't need one. She's on an excursion," as if I'm an idiot for trying to be helpful... I wasn't even talking to him. "Oh, you're in an excursion? Then I guess you're good to go! I just wanted to make sure because I'd have hated for you to wait in this line..." It was pointless. I was talking to a wall. She didn't even want to hear me apologize for trying to help her. Sheesh. Someone's panties were in a wad.

Once we got to land, our first stop was Margaritaville.


My parents are huge parrotheads, so it's always a must to purchase some Buffett souvenirs.

Next we went to the liquor store. I (err... actually my father) had promised my boyfriend that I'd bring him a souvenir. I had been checking the prices at other ports and on the ship (Princess's alcohol isn't as good of a deal as Royal Caribbean's), but Grand Cayman was definitely worth holding out for. A handle of Grey Goose was $45, liter of Absolut 2 for $20, liter of Bacardi 2 for $20 (handle 2 for $30), handle of Goldschlager for a remarkable $25. If you're on this itinerary and want to purchase alcohol, the best deals I saw were in Grand Cayman.

And then Rachel's store -


Every Christmas, she buys herself a ring. This year she wanted an even more extravagant ring because despite all efforts to steer him in the opposite direction, my boyfriend ended up giving me the ring that she had been wanting for my birthday.

It was actually an ironic story... my boyfriend was going to get me a Michael Kors watch for my birthday, but he felt like he couldn't anymore after Rachel's boyfriend got her a Michael Kors watch. So Rachel suggested he get me a ring and gave him some ideas of what to get me, but my size 5.5 finger is apparently difficult to shop for which really limited his options. So he ended up giving me a purple amethyst ring since we go to Clemson. When Rachel saw it, she was furious because she had wanted a purple ring because we go to Clemson. I'm actually not at all surprised because Rachel and my boyfriend have very similar personalities... I think that's why I like him.

While Rachel was jewelry shopping, Dad was checking out prices to go to Hell. He found a lady who would take us to Hell and then Seven Mile Beach for $12pp. Everyone else wanted to take us on a tour for $15pp which included a variety of other stops, such as the Turtle Farm. It sounded like a good deal, but Rachel wanted the beach, and I wasn't about to interfere with that again.

If you've never been to Hell, it's a quick little stop.






You can mail a postcard from Hell. I thought it was a cute idea, but I couldn't think of many people whose addresses I knew off the top of my head who I could send one to without someone in their household possibly being offended. We live in the Bible Belt.


I believe I mentioned already that Rachel is a geology minor. Well, she was really excited about Hell when she read about all its limestone rock formations.


The Devil is everywhere in Hell...


"Take a picture of me by the limestone!"



"Now take a picture of me looking excited about some limestone!"




Nice to know the Devil has some manners!




Sadly, this might be one of our only family pictures... Christmas cards from Hell, anyone?


The cab driver dropped us off at the party area of Seven Mile Beach (which is actually only around 5.5 miles in length if you were curious).

Awesome floating cabanas -


We were in port with two Carnivaly ships - the Glory and one I don't recall.


Now this is the kind of beach Rachel had in mind when she was envisioning Costa Rica beaches... not quite.


One of the local beers is White Tip Lager. The bartender described it as being a finer beer. I liked it because there were sharks on the can. I have a slight obsession with sharks.


Two-fisting it like a pro.


Random ADPi - she was walking along the beach and must have a great eye because the only ADPi gear on Rachel was her sunglasses... which she had burned the delta off with her curling iron on accident a few nights ago.


I called it the party beach because they had a DJ much better than DJ Mickey on the Island Princess, as well as many games. Such as this beer chugging competition between the cruiselines.



Throw it back, Island Princess!

  1. DSC_6825

These locals are crazy...


Winner in the house!


We happy.



Oh, okay... we have another family photo. An even worse option for the Christmas card.


Our friends from NC were on the beach with us, so we asked them if they'd like to split a cab back and eat at Margaritaville. We ended up packing onto one of the large vans that was taking passengers back.

My cute Greek family...



Rachel loves waterslides. That was one of the reasons she wanted to eat at Margaritaville.




This was an awkward late lunch/early dinner, so we decided to split entrees. Well, I ordered the quesadillas and Dad ate probably over half of them, and the food really just reminded me of how starving I was.

We were the last tender in. Scratch that off the bucket list!


NEXT: Day 10 - Sea Day

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