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Monday, March 3, 2014

March Update: Blog Makeover and Upcoming Travel

Those of you who regularly subscribe to my blog might have been wondering exactly what has been going on the past few weeks....

I have been working long and hard on giving my blog a complete makeover!  You might notice that I have a new logo and have completely altered the color scheme of the site (goodbye, rose + gold.... HELLO, cyan + magenta!!!).  My goal is to make my blog more user-friendly and appealing, and I feel like I finally have created a logo which represents what my blog is truly about.

Victoria on Vacation Header

A bit of the blog is still under construction as I continue to improve its navigation, but there are a few things I'd like to highlight:

There is now a drop-down navigation bar at the top of the blog!  Not all of the links are currently functioning, and there are categories that have yet to be added (like Study Abroad and New York City), but I'm excited that it should be easier to locate posts by topic.

Victoria on Vacation Nav Bar

I'm working on adding all of my cruise reviews and Disney trip reports to the blog!  I regularly post detailed trip reports immediately after returning from vacation to my favorite travel forums - Cruise Critic, Mousebuzz, and DISboards.  However, I'd really like to have them located all in one place so that they are easy to read.  In order to do this, I'll be posting trip reports from years past (though reading through them so that I can update information as necessary), so please don't laugh too hard at my teenager writings and early photographs!

There are now buttons!!!  I was really excited about this one.  I've learned how to make buttons which I think make my trip reports much more visually interesting.  Just click on the button, and it will take you to the post!

Victoria on Vacation Buttons

I'm still not finished with the blog makeover, so if you have any suggestions on things that you would like to see or any questions about how to navigate the revamped blog, please email me!

I am also very excited to update you on my upcoming travel!
If you read my post "So You Want to Cruise for College Spring Break?" you might have gotten an idea of how I'm planning to spend my spring break...

Victoria's Future Carnival Cruise

My boyfriend, Max, and I will be sailing on the Carnival Breeze out of Miami, Florida.  The 8-Day Southern Caribbean cruise visits Grand Turk - La Romana, Dominican Republic - Aruba - and Curacao.  I'm really excited because of those four ports, I've only visited Aruba before, and that was for just a few hours in the morning on our Panama Canal cruise.  We've booked two excursions - scuba diving in Grand Turk (after complications due to sickness this past weekend, we should become certified divers next weekend) and dune buggies in La Romana.  But the most exciting part about this cruise is that I got an *extremely* great deal..... but I'm going to make you wait until my photo review to find out how!

That's not the only upcoming cruise planned!  After an almost 15 year hiatus, we'll be returning to the cruise line that got us started - Disney Cruise Line!

Victoria's Future Disney Cruise

I'm unbelievably excited for my future adventures and hope that you all follow along!

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