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Sunday, March 27, 2016

[Day 03] Lady Luck and Lots of Lotion

Again, Rachel was an early riser and was out and about the ship before me. She signed mom and I up for the Ladies' Pamper Party that afternoon. I got up in search of breakfast and ran into Rachel on the pool deck. We decided to do the $500 Treasure Hunt which was due at 11 AM. It took all of ten minutes to walk around the ship collecting stamps from each venue.

So at 11:15, we headed to the Cabaret Lounge to see if we'd win the drawing. We didn't win anything, and it was a little frustrating because this huge family of teenagers from the LA area kept winning everything, and there were also two husband and wife winning pairs - how weird is that? Clearly, they did not shake up the bowl before the drawing if husband and wife were winning back-to-back.

Rachel wanted to play Bingo, so Dad bought her a pack of cards. Princess has paper Bingo cards that you just cross out the number with a pen or pencil - not the punch-in kind. I was also glad to see that there were no electronic bingo cards because I don't trust those things. I am skeptical of them and don't understand how they don't provide better odds or an unfair advantage (maybe they do, and that's why they cost more). Also, what's the fun of Bingo if you can't find your own numbers to mark?

Bingo was led by Michael and Dylan, two of the dancers. The really cool thing about this ship is that the dancers all played several roles. They were in the production shows at night, but they also led Bingo, line dancing, water volleyball, arts and crafts, and greeted guests going to the shows. You saw them all over the ship interacting with guests (we learned later that part of their job is conversing with passengers). It felt very Love Boat and I enjoyed it.

Michael was very energetic and cracked a lot of corny Bingo jokes which I laughed at loudly and a little too late. First round of Bingo is a straight row, anywhere. And... Rachel won! We didn't see it at first, and so Rachel called it late - "Bingo?" Michael gave us a hard time throughout the rest of the game about how just like we call Bingo late, we get the jokes three seconds behind.

The grand prize in the first game of the day was..... $50. Of course, she'd win the smallest prize. Remember how I said Dad bought the Bingo card? Well, that was an important note because throughout the rest of the cruise, Dad would argue that he actually bought the Bingo card, so really it was his winning card, even though Rachel was the one holding the cards (okay, Dad, you kinda won, congrats). He also kept pushing that Rachel split the winnings with me since I helped cross out the numbers (it's okay, Dad, really). So if Rachel were to have paid Dad back for the Bingo card and then split her winnings with me, she would have come out with... $12? Forget that. Keep your $50 bill, Rachel, you earned it!

Big Winner

Balcony View

That afternoon, Rachel, Mom, and I went to the Ladies Pamper(aka Rub-Lotion-on-Your-Face) Party in the Pacific Lounge at 1PM. There was a bit of a scheduling issue because the Princess Pop Choir Rehearsal was also scheduled for the Pacific Lounge at 1PM, so there were several random guys (lots of guys in pop choir, I guess) who came in very confused as to what was going on.

The pamper party was led by the Lotus Spa Manager, Margarita from Macedonia. She wanted us to do the treatment on half of our faces so that we could tell he difference... but forget that, most of us wanted full facials. Only some women in the front listened to her before/after instructions. Margarita would speak about the importance of using different creams for different parts of the face (she recommended a cream for face and neck and a separate cream for eyes) and told us how to apply while her assistants came around and gave us pretty generous squirts of the products.

At first I was hesitant to rub this strange stuff on my face because I didn't want to break out... but then decided screw it, I'll try this out for the trip report, and rubbed the lotion all over my face. Spoiler alert: I didn't break out.

I was worried this "party" would just be one big sales pitch, but Margarita actually didn't push at all on selling the product, which was so nice. She didn't say the brand name over and over, and simply told us what we were using, not the cost or the label. And at the end of the party, she passed out $40-off certificates to the spa. But she ran out of certificates, so Rachel and I only got one to share between the two of us. We were told that we could both get the discount, though, just to let them know when we booked.

When Rachel and I headed to the gym that evening (small gym with the hottest trainer, by the way, mmmmm that man was good-looking), we stopped in the Lotus Spa first to book our massages. I opted for the Chocolate Indulgence Body Treatment, while Rachel, who hates the smell of chocolate, went with the Elemis Aroma Spa Seaweed Massage.

With all of the champagne and 50th anniversary formal night happenings, I forgot to update you all on our rude table neighbor situation!

So Dad had tried to go to the dining room to change our table number since we were really bothered by our neighbors (well, I was actually entertained by them, but everyone else in my family wanted to move), but just missed the person he needed to talk to. So the second night of dinner (formal night), we went to the dining room and.... new neighbors sitting at their table! Our rude old neighbors must have gone to the and asked for a switch themselves. I hope they enjoyed their new atmosphere - I'm sure that it couldn't have been worse than having to look at us for 17 days!

Tonight, I was so hungry that I forgot to photograph my appetizer. Oops.

I think this is Dad's Pan-Seared Red Snapper -

Pan-Seared Red Snapper with Chili, Cilantro and Lime Butter Sauce

I went with the Home-Style option, again, and got the jerked chicken with rice and red beans. I'm telling you, Home-Style is where it's at!

Island Spiced Jerk Chicken with Rice and Red Beans

And dessert, our favorite, Key Lime Pie!!!

Key Lime Pie

I can't remember if it was Mom or Rachel who also ordered the Warm Chocolate Fudge Cookie (sounds good) to try.... but we learned that Princess does not make good cookies. Ewwwwww so dry and tasteless, even covered in that chocolate sauce!

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cookie

After dinner, we decided to stay out for once. We headed to the Casino Bar, but EJ told us that the real deal was Happy Hour (9-10 PM nightly) in the Pacific Lounge.

Pacific Lounge

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