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Monday, March 25, 2019

[Day 4] Navigator of the Seas - At Sea

We spent Christmas Eve on the Navigator of the Seas at sea.  Rachel and I joined our parents for breakfast in the Sapphire Dining Room. It's a nice alternative to the craziness of the Windjammer. They section the dining room so that half is sit-down, order from the menu, and half is buffet, serve-yourself.  Even if you sit on the sit-down side, you can still get up and walk over to the buffet area.

Dining Room

Here is a navigational map of the ship located on each floor near the elevators/stairs. Now that the Navigator of the Seas has been to drydock, this has changed.


I was not feeling the watery carton eggs in the morning, so I went for the smoked salmon both times I dined in the Sapphire Dining Room for breakfast.


And then I ventured over to the buffet area to pick up some overnight oats.


Today's sea day was the day that Rachel and I ventured to the spa.  We went that morning and booked massages for the afternoon.  There was a special on the bamboo massage, so I went for it.  I didn't really know what it was.

So when we booked the appointments, the receptionist asked our ages to verify that we are at least 18.  It's been understandable for awhile because I am told that I have a baby face.  But honestly, this is starting to get kind of awkward when I respond "27".... nearly 10 years older than they believe me to be!  And then there's the profuse apology/excuse, "Oh, you look so young!  That's a good thing!  You'll really be thankful for that when you're 40."

When we returned to the spa for our appointments, the receptionist again verified our ages.  And then when my masseuse came to retrieve me, she again asked my age.  "Oh, wow!!  I thought you were 17!"  Then she kept saying throughout the appointment, "Wow, I thought you were 17!  But you're not!  You're a woman!"

The masseuse was even less sure about my massage choice as she was my age.  "Bamboo?!  Do you like bamboo??"  "Uhh.... I don't know, I thought I'd give it a try."

So it turns out that bamboo is not a pleasant massage.  It's like foam rolling, but with a stick of bamboo.  And she went HARD.  At one point she was on the table with me, bearing down with all of her weight.  I was doing everything in my power not to wince.

At the end of my massage, she "diagnosed" me with knots and tight muscles, and then wrote me a "prescription" for Elemis muscle relaxer... and if I also bought an in-shower muscle relaxing gel, I'd qualify for a "free" exfoliation brush.... the three items together just cost $129.  I was not good at telling her no.  I said no.  She persisted.  I made up excuses.  She persisted.  I told her, "You know... I have a sister, and I want to consult with her before I buy anything."  I thought I had finally gotten through to her.... and then she brought me a receipt for the Elemis muscle relaxer that I had purchased for $69.  At this point I just wanted to get the heck out of there and not argue.

Rachel did not emerge from the spa with any product.  Her masseuse must have not been as pushy...

At Sea

Because of the timing of our massages, we missed the ice skating show, but Mom and Dad went.  We met up with them later before dinner.


Tonight's Christmas Eve dinner was the special "Holiday" menu.

Holiday Menu

Below are the premium selections that they offer every night.  The dining room food is so bland, that it is probably worth the cost to upgrade.

Premium Food

For a starter, I ordered the Salmon Tartare.


And for entree, the Roasted Rack of Lamb.


Creme Brulee for dessert.

Creme Brulee

After dinner, we went to Vintages to watch all of the Christmas festivities.



There was Christmas Caroling in the promenade, and I sent Dad on multiple trips to try and find a carol book.  He kept returning with holiday-graphic shopping discounts.  Finally, he triumphed -


Towel Animal

Next up, Aruba!

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