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Thursday, December 30, 2021

[Day 4] Disney Wonder - Last Day!

Day 4 started with a few laps around Deck 4.



There is a water fountain with a bottle filler on Deck 4, which is nice to be able to refill your water bottle. I also noticed a water fountain with bottle filler on Deck 10.


We then headed up to Cabana's to grab breakfast, then walked around the upper deck. It was very windy today, so it's probably for the best that we decided to enjoy the pool yesterday.

I forgot to mention that the day before, Rachel, Aaron, and I went to try out this slide. I wasn't sure if it was for kids or if adults could go on it too, so I got up close to read the sign. As I was reading it, I did not notice a staircase of kids behind me, waiting for the slide open and freaking out that I was about to cut them in line. No, children.... I'm just reading the warning sign like a responsible slide-goer! We walked down the staircase and contemplated getting in line when were confronted not only by the faces of impatient children, but an aggressive mother who told us, "We're all waiting in line, so if you want to do the slide, you need to go to the end of the line." A line for a slide? What a profound concept. Thank you for informing us of this, aggressive lady. We decided we would rather not wait in line with aggressive lady and did not do the slide.










Another think I appreciate about Disney Cruise Line is self-serve towels. The other cruise lines make you "check out" towels and charge you if you leave them behind. But Disney has a generic white towel which I suppose is easy enough to replace and also not cute enough to accidentally make it home in someone's bag as a souvenir.


Here are the dots on the deck that I mentioned people stood on to watch the fireworks -


And this is the table we managed to snag before the show. We sat on the right, and the other family sat on the left. There are technically two tables, so I don't think it was really a big deal.


Basketball court still not for basketball.


Very windy.... and time to do the Titanic -


The Disney Wonder and Magic are the only two DCL ships to have a separate pool area just for crew members. It's a nice touch, but they didn't repeat that with the Dream and Fantasy. I don't know of any other cruise line that has a pool for its crew.



If you order a Bloody Mary, make sure to get it from Signals. They serve it in the cutest mason jar -



We had booked a Champagne Tasting which took place at 1PM in the Cadillac Lounge. Our intention was to eat lunch at Triton's before the Champagne Tasting, but we ended up cutting it close on time and only had around 40 minutes before the tasting to eat. We decided to try our luck at Triton's.... but were greedy and decided to order appetizers and an entree (should have just done entree -what were we thinking?). Mostly because Ceviche was an appetizer -


By the time the ceviche arrived, we knew there was no way we were going to be able to receive and eat our entrees in time. But we sat it out, deciding what to do. Finally, we realized we had to leave.... but our waiter was nowhere in sight. Aaron told another waiter that we were cutting it close on a reservation and had to go, and I started walking for the exit. Well, our abrupt departure was triggering to the serving team, and suddenly we were surrounded by a team of dining staff. "We hope it wasn't the service!" No, no - service was great! We're idiots, we're going to be late for our Champagne Tasting.

We made it to the Cadillac Lounge in time and hopefully didn't get our waiter in trouble.


At $40 per person, the Champagne Tasting was one of the priciest tastings offered, which is likely why it was one of the only tastings available for our sailing. However, this was a great way to taste quality champagnes.

There were four glasses set in front of us, and we were served one champagne at a time which we were supposed to drink altogether, but I quickly fell behind.


The leader of our seminar started out talking about the magic and mystique of champagne and the bubbles, and it seemed a little.... silly?


However, after the first bottle, he started really educating us about champagne, how it's made, and the different champagne houses.


He also taught us the appropriate method to taste champagne by sipping with air. It's like whistling while breathing in, but with champagne in your mouth. When I attempted to do this, I choked and accidentally caused a scene.



The Bollinger was our favorite from the tasting -


After the first four champagnes, there was a surprise fifth - Rich by Veuve Clicquot which is a champagne created to combine with ice and a fresh ingredient, like orange zest or cucumber.



We all entered this Champagne Tasting thinking that we didn't really care for Champagne. Turns out, we don't care for cheap Champagne. Here's the lineup of Champagne we tasted -


After the Champagne Tasting, we headed over to Crown & Fin to watch some College Football. Unlike other cruise lines, it's easy to watch football onboard DCL. They even get the rights to stream games that play on Fox Sports.


The once complimentary self-serve snacks in Crown & Fin are no more, but they do have for-charge food items available on the menu. We ordered the loaded tater tots for $7 - worth the surcharge.


The tots alone weren't doing it to me, so I headed up to the pool deck to Build A Bowl at Daisey Delites.



Just one more Deck 4 picture (hahaha... yeah, right!) -


Even though we were eating at Tiana's Place that night, Landon couldn't hold out any longer for beignets. So we went to the French Quarter Lounge where they serve beignets for-charge.


They're no Mickey beignets from Mint Julep Bar, but they're pretty good.


Then we got ready for dinner at Tiana's Place. We pulled our usual "two of every appetizer." Here is the Sauteed Gulf Shrimp and Grits -


Boudin Sausage Fritters -


Prince Naveen's Cajun Charcuterie Board... love a charcuterie board - 


Ahi Tuna Tartare. Also love a tartare (not quite as good as Animator's in my opinion).


Mama Odie's Creamy Tomato Soup -


Cajun Spiced Sea Bass on Shrimp Jambalaya -


The dining room team had a Mardis Gras parade tonight.


More beignets!


After dinner, we stopped for drinks in the French Quarter Lounge.


We then moved to Crown & Fin before wrapping up our evening.

And were greeted in our room by this little buddy -


Also, we ordered room service.

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