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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Disney Fantasy New Year's Cruise - [Day 3] Cozumel

Good morning from Cozumel! Thankfully, the weather was looking much nicer than it had been on our Christmas Cruise just a week earlier.

I spotted a Royal Caribbean ship approaching in the distance. I think they were headed to the International Pier.


We were docking at Punta Langosta Cruise Terminal which is the older, smaller cruise ship pier in Cozumel. Disney ships typically dock at Punta Langosta. The International Pier (where we docked on the Summit) is located farther south.


We were scheduled to dock at 8:45, and planned to disembark immediately so that we could beat the crowds to the beach.


As we were docking, I headed up to Deck 11 to get water and ice for our water bottles when I noticed that a familiar ship was docked beside us. I hurried back to our room and told Aaron, "Guess who we're docked beside!"

The Celebrity Summit!!!!



Hello, again, Celebrity Summit!


I didn't expect this at all because last week, we were docked at the International Pier. I suppose that there were more mega ships in port today, so the Summit needed to dock at Punta Langosta.


The perfect photo for my holiday cruises review! Both ships in one shot!!



At Punta Langosta, you take an escalator up to an elevated pedestrian walkway which dumps you into a shopping area. 


The taxis are located downstairs. They used to be positioned at the back of the shopping center, right by the stairs, but we learned that they moved the taxi stand forward to the road (basically right under the pedestrian bridge).


We had made advance reservations to Nachi Cocom ($59 per person), one of Cozumel's many private beach clubs. Nachi Cocom is an all inclusive beach club which limits attendance to 130 guests daily, so advance reservations are highly encouraged. This was our first time visiting Nachi Cocom, and we decided to book it instead of Mr. Sanchos (which we visited the last time we were in Cozumel) because Stove was intrigued by the 130 guest limit.


We were among the first guests to arrive. After checking in, we were escorted to our beach chairs and introduced to our server.


I immediately set off for a photo tour of the property.


Nachi Cocom is located just south of Mr. Sancho's. You could walk to the beach north to see the other beach clubs - Mr. Sancho's, Playa Mia, and Paradise Beach are all immediately next to one another along the same beach.


Nachi Cocom's full name is Nachi Cocom Cozumel Beach Club & Water Sports Center. For an additional fee, you can book a glass bottom snorkeling tour ($38 per person, 1.5 hours), or a Banana Boat Ride ($20 per person, 15 minutes).


There are no beach clubs immediately south of Nachi Cocom -



This photo shows the entire beach area -



It's a pretty large beach and good for swimming/playing in the sand. The beach area itself seems like it would be good for families with kids.


Though my top Cozumel beach club pick for families would be Playa Mia. You can see their inflatable water park in the distance -



Aaron asked, "Did a bird just poop on me?" Yep...





The floaties scattered along the beach can be rented at an additional cost.




Nachi Cocom has one pool, and one hot tub.




There's a covered bar area on the beach, which I guess people would be more likely to visit if it was raining.



The restrooms were clean, but not accessible. There were two stalls in the women's restroom, and both toilet compartments were very tiny. One had a bi-fold door that folded into the toilet compartment so you basically had to be squeezed into the wall or over the toilet to open/close the door.


Their website suggests that you could save money booking in advance, but the posted prices for massages were the same as the online rates, $39 for 30 minutes, $59 for 60 minutes.


The pool has a shallow area on one end where you can sit and cool off without being completely in the pool. There's also a swim-up bar.


Only one hot tub, and it wasn't very hot. Also, it became very crowded later in the afternoon.


Nachi Cocom is supposed to be a relaxing environment. They don't play music, or encourage a party atmosphere. Honestly, I prefer a party atmosphere. This felt a little boring.




Aaron and I finally got to try out our new beach bag at the beach (we used it for laundry at Walt Disney World). It fills a rather specific need for me - I wanted a bag that was big enough to hold four cruise ship beach towels for when we go on beach excursions. I also needed Aaron to like it because in most cases, he'll be the one carrying it since I have my camera bag. We settled on the Away F.A.R. 45L Tote in burgundy. It's durable and holds it shape, but also folds flat for easy packing. After removing the towels to put on our chairs, I was able to store my camera bag inside of the tote, keeping it out of the sand. It's admittedly a bit pricey for a beach tote, but if you find yourself with a similar need, you can use my Friend Referral Code for $20 off your purchase (also keep an eye out for the holiday sales)!



I was confused and told everyone that it was all you can drink, all you can eat. Actually, it's all you can drink and a 4 course lunch.

Don't worry about the prices on the menu. The 4 course lunch includes one appetizer, one soup or salad, one entree (choose from burgers/sandwiches, ceviche, fish, or Mexican), and one dessert.

Nachi Cocom Menu

Nachi Cocom Menu

We asked if we could substitute the soup/salad course with a second appetizer. The server had to go and ask the kitchen, but he came back and told us that was okay to do.

These are the Cheese Sticks. They had a cheese dipping sauce...


Judy got the Guacamole which was very good, but not enough chips.


These are the Chicken Sticks - 


Nachos were good, always a solid choice.


I went with the Buffalo Chicken Wings which I thought was the best value as far as appetizers go. The portion is enough to basically be a meal.


I liked the buffalo sauce. It's not your traditional buffalo.... more like a chile vinegar sauce.


Aaron went with a soup instead of a second appetizer. He described the tortilla soup as, "Not good, but 100% edible."


I went with the assorted vegetable salad, because I felt like it would be good to eat some vegetables.


More nachos -


I was going to get a photo of Rachel's quesadillas when....


There were three.


I got the mixed fajitas. It was good. Another good value entree.


The four course meal was rather annoying. I think our server would have rather us place our order for all four courses at one time, but we wanted to space it out. We definitely should have started ordering food earlier because it was slow to arrive. It also got more difficult to track down our server to order our next course. By the time we were waiting on our third course, we were ready to move to the pool, but we had to stick around our chairs on the beach for our food to come. We ended up not even getting the dessert course.

For our last hour or so at Nachi Cocom, we moved to the pool, as were many other guests. Service at the bar was slow, but mainly because they could've used another bartender or two. I'm fairly confident that they water down their liquor because they were doing heavy pours, but the drinks didn't seem to have that much alcohol content. It makes sense because people are there drinking all day, so they don't want them getting absolutely tanked.

I've heard great things about Nachi Cocom, and I'm glad we tried it out, but it's definitely not my favorite Cozumel beach club. Personally, I prefer the more lively party atmosphere at Mr. Sancho's or the waterpark and activities at Playa Mia.

If we weren't on a cruise, we probably could have stayed there until the sun went down. However, we had to make it back to the ship, so it was time to go!


When we got back to Punta Langosta, Rachel and Landon decided to go to Senor Frogs, and we told them good luck, hope you make it back to the ship!












When we got back on the ship, we dropped our stuff in our stateroom, then headed up to keep an eye out for pier runners (which may or may not include Rachel and Landon).


That's where we were standing the last time we sailed out of Cozumel -



Well look who it is.... can you pick out Rachel and Landon?




We were definitely waiting on people because it was all aboard time. They rolled in all but one gangway, and several officers were standing there, on walkie talkies. We also sounded the horn. No runners, though. The nerve of people to walk leisurely when there's an entire ship of passengers waiting.


I caught a glimpse of The Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Summit.


Good-bye, Cozumel, and good-bye, Summit!






We headed down to the Quiet Cove.





Then it was time to head back to the room to get dressed for the evening.


We went with Judy and Stove for pre-dinner cocktails at Skyline Lounge.


Dinner this evening was in Enchanted Garden. They've reworked this dining room a little since the last time I was on the Fantasy. The center circular booths have been removed and replaced with dining tables - probably much easier to reconfigure. 


Made told us that this dining room was inspired by Princess and the Frog, and I thought, huh, that's new. However, the DCL website still says that it was inspired by the gardens of Versailles.



Aaron and I both ordered the Cucumber Garden Roll. I thought that it was fine, but Aaron didn't really like it. It tasted what it looked like - a cucumber wrapped around a bell pepper.


Aaron said that the Applewood Smoked Bacon Wild Mushroom Tart was more of a quiche, but a great, crispy puffed pastry with perfectly cooked eggs and good sized chunks of bacon.


I ordered the Spinach and Raspberry Salad. I really liked the dressing, and the pine nuts were a nice touch.


The Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tower was very good with the cream cheese and avocado.


Aaron had the Cream of Green Asparagus Soup which he said was very good.


For my main course, I went with the Slow-Roasted Prime Rib. It just wasn't what I wanted. I attempted to cut the potato with my fork, but it didn't cut easily, so I gave up.


Aaron didn't order the Carmelized Sea Scallops, but they brought them to him. They came with couscous and asparagus which I ended up eating instead of the prime rib. Next time, I'll order this for my main course.


Aaron ordered the Pan-Seared Sea Bass which was tender and flavorful


Judy had the Seared Pork Tenderloin Medallions, another solid choice.


For dessert, Aaron ordered the Lemon Raspberry Mousse Bombe. He said the flavor was okay, but the texture was very spongey, like eating a piece of styrofoam or something.


I ordered the Chocolate Brownie Sundae.


Rachel ordered the Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar for dessert, and William teased her for ordering off the kids menu. When it arrived, Landon was so excited about it that William brought one for him, too.



After dinner, we headed to The Tube for The Quest. We decided to play, and it was mostly Rachel and I running around until the Final Quest when they needed a man to dress in women's clothing. We had a much better Final Quest on our Wonder Test Cruise where they had someone of any gender come up to do a jig, which I much preferred. I've been cruising for so long that dressing men in women's clothing and having them model or dance has gotten tired. Anyway, Rachel was trying to convince Landon to do it, but he absolutely refused, so Stove volunteered at the last minute. We didn't even have time to get him dressed - he just walked up to the stage holding heels, a bra with one hand, and an earring up to his ear in the other. Rachel did her part to run around and hype the crowd for him, and he had a funny performance, but ultimately lost to the young guy who had stripped down to his underwear.


After Quest, it was time for Match Your Mate, DCL's version of The Newlywed Game. It's a common cruise game where they get the couple that's been together for the longest time, the shortest amount of time, and then somewhere in the middle. The middle couple always has to dance battle or something like that to get to play the game (unless no one wants to, and they are basically begging people).

Rachel and Landon wanted to play. Landon tried to get them on for the couple married the least amount of time by yelling, "Zero!" but that didn't work. So they had to dance it out. I actually think they did a good job dancing, Landon had some fun moves. But another couple was really raunchy, bending over and grinding, 2AM blacked out in the club kind of moves, and the audience whooped really hard for them (which I thought was weird... to cheer so loud for people grinding on the dance floor). Personally, I prefer funny dances, but the audience wanted raunch.

Sorry, Rachel and Landon. Maybe try some dirty dancing next time.


This was simultaneously the strangest and also most boring game of Match Your Mate that I've seen. The newlywed girl told long drawn out stories with a lot of unnecessary details. We learned that the raunchy dancing couple isn't married, and they couldn't agree on the number of years they'd been dating. The girl seemed like she had practiced answers that were supposed to be jokes, but they didn't hit with the crowd. One of the questions is where is the craziest place you've 'made magic', or something like that, and she says, "ooh.... so many places... we do it all the time. I don't know how to choose!" and then she landed on 'in the hot tub'. Then, her partner comes out, and when it's time for him to answer the question, he told us that they were saving themselves for marriage! (We saw them later on the cruise, and we're pretty sure that they're not a couple, but part of the same large family group sailing together and decided it would be funny to do the game - hence the big whoops at the dancing.)

The best couple was the one that had been together the longest, but they probably got the most answers wrong (in some cases, I would've given them the point because the confusion was understandable). Aaron and I only watched the first half of the game because it was boring, and he really wanted to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which was playing at 11PM in Buena Vista Theater.


Aaron loves movies, and he's always super excited to see the first-run movies on Disney Cruise Line. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has a 2 hour and 41 minute run time, so I was veryyy sleepy by the end. When we walked back to the room after the movie, we noticed a note on Rachel and Landon's door....


Hahaha guess they fell asleep before their room service arrived!


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  1. We were on RCCL's Newlywed game for our 10y anniv. We came in last but because it was on TV, we became psuedo-celebs where everyone recognized us [ kinda funny]; Love those food pics; Keep em coming

  2. I hope you update soon!!