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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1 - Airport Craziness!

I'll go ahead and say that we booked Vegas for the inexpensive rates. We stayed at Bellagio, the priciest and most deluxe resort on the Las Vegas strip for a mere $200 a night! (Keep in mind that a fountain view cost an extra $80 a night... and suites are on up there.)

I suppose I should also announce the "cast members":
(Me) Victoria - 17
Rachel - 15

Now, on with the trip report...

We were flying out of Atlanta (12:00 pm flight), which is about an hour and forty minutes from our home in Anderson, South Carolina. So, we had to leave our house by 8:00 (which meant we had to aim for 7:30) in order to get to the airport by 10:00 so that we could go through security and eat lunch before our flight.

We packed the night before, and all was going as planned. We left the house at eight on the dot. We were making good time. Then we hit Atlanta. And everything stopped.

Road construction. After about half an hour of inching along, Dad got frustrated and went off the beaten path. And we ended up on Martin Luther King Drive, which isn't the most happening place to be. But we made it to the airport. Flew into the parking lot and threw our bags onto the shuttle only to be slowed down by some young man by himself on his cell phone. He slowly pulled his duffle out of the trunk, talked a little, pulled out another bag, talked some more.... made no effort to hurry. Finally, Mum asked rather loudly if anyone else was cutting it close, and the driver took the hint and took off.

We barely made the cut for curbside check-in. We then raced through the airport. Luckily, we had no problems with security. We knew where we were going and made it to our gate. But we needed food before our four hour flight. Dad headed to Popeye's, the closest restaurant (though Rachel wanted Moe's). I ran in behind to help carry things, and he sent me to get drinks. But drinks were purchased at the counter and received at the drink station. So Dad bought drinks and gave me the receipt to redeem the drinks. But he gave me the chicken receipt, so we had to swap, and by then these ladies got in front of me, taking their sweet time. And dad was over at the food station, practically jumping over the counter telling them to stop making the dang sandwiches and start wrapping them. He left with only three sandwiches.... but we made it on our flight!

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