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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1 - Flight to Vegas

The flight over wasn't that bad. I always have the aisle, Rachel takes the middle, Mom gets the window, and dad sits on the aisle with strangers. I worked on AP Chemistry most of the way there. I did break for an hour and a half to watch "What Happens in Vegas" with Rachel. It seemed appropriate.

AirTran was okay. We typically fly Delta and American. I missed the in-flight movies (this is how I catch up on Fliks I missed at the theater.... I've watched some good movies this way - Cinderella Man, Finding Neverland, The Last Holiday). However, I needed to do chemistry, and my iPod kept me entertained.

They went by three times for drinks. The aircraft was small, and it seemed as if as soon as they filled my cup, they came back for refills. I hadn't had much of it, yet. The pretzels were cute. The wrapper included directions on how to eat the pretzels ("remember the low fares"). Rather humorous.

The only real negative about the flight was the rotund flight attendendant who kept sticking her butt in my face. That's the price you pay for an aisle seat!

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