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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beach at Fort Moultrie

While Helen and I explored the Fort, most everyone else ventured towards the beach. We caught up later.

It was a small beach and kind of grimy - nothing like the white sand beaches in Destin, Florida. There were some pretty great views, though, and some rocks to climb on.

Isaac kept finding dead fish. Ew.

The view of the fort from the beach... the grass was very sticky-feeling. Not pleasant on the feet.

It was time for us to meet back up with Mr. Flip. Now, I thought people were following me, but apparently no one was. I went back to the front of Fort Moultrie and happened to spot Mr. Flip driving the bus. He stopped and let me on, then we circled back around to wait for people. It was very hot and there was little breeze. I resorted to sticking my head out the door. Finally, the missing people showed up, and we drove to our hotel - the La Quinta Inn.

It was fairly nice for a low-rate chain hotel. The pool was teensy, though.

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