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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fort Moultrie

We had a group reservation. I'm not sure if we needed it. The place wasn't too crowded, and I bet we could've just showed up.

We did have to wait about twenty minutes to watch the movie. There was a small indoor museum-like area for us to wander around. It quickly got boring.

The movie was absolutely terrible. It was really dated with horrible actors and cheap, tacky costumes. It reminded me of SNL's "Laser Cats," and it lasted twenty minutes. I believe we all fell asleep.

Anyway, we went out to take a group picture before dispersing to check out Fort Moultrie. I don't have a copy of the group picture at the moment.

It was a self-guided tour. We could pretty much just explore.

Stumbled across this a little too late...

Helen and I explored Fort Moultrie the most. Everyone else ventured to the beach pretty quickly. I, however, really enjoyed the fort. It was like a giant playground (except we weren't really supposed to be playing with the cannons). We kept finding new tunnels and passageways and getting lost. It was quite fun, but really hot and sticky.

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