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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Trip to Charleston

I'm secretary of the National English Honor Society (NEHS) at my high school. Now, we didn't have any meetings all year, but in April, we decided for an overnight trip. This officially makes NEHS the best organization ever.

I had never been to Charleston before. My sister has been twice (both on school trips). So, this was completely new to me.

The plan was to leave Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon for our "literary adventure." I had to get to the school at the butt crack of dawn (as my second mother, Gay-Gay, always says) to get on the old yellow school bus. We slept for about two hours, then stopped at McDonald's in Clinton. After another hour, Mr. Flip passed out reading material on Charleston that I skimmed quickly (I get carsick quickly on big, yellow buses!) before listening to my iPod, again.

We stopped at Northwood Mall for lunch. Helen and I got subs from Quiznos, then browsed around the mall. I decided that I needed a drawstring bag to carry my wallet and camera (I would loose a purse). We went in a bunch of stores with no luck, until we found some Palmetto store with South Carolina souvenirs. I found a light pink drawstring bag with a palm tree embroidered on it and decided it was just what I needed ($10).

Finally, we got back on the bus. By now, it was raining and really hot, so the bus was super humid.

Pretty soon we were at... Fort Moutrie!

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