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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 7 - New York Pretzel

Now, I don't recall why, but for some reason, Mom, Rachel, and I ended up by ourselves. Mom had been wanting a New York Pretzel all week, so we decided to try and find one. We went to Snacks at Bellagio and all they had was a microwavable salty pretzel. Mom wanted a cinnamon pretzel, but for some reason, I got one and a fountain drink that cost $3.50. It was overpriced and not very good, but I ate it all.

Rachel then remembered seeing a New York Pretzel at Bally's. So, we decided to cross the street and go to Bally's and get ourselves a New York Pretzel (well... get Mom and Rachel pretzels, since I had already eaten a gross microwaved one).

Now, they had these amazing candy apples there, and I was going to get one, except they cost $12.50 a piece, and when Mom heard that, she flipped out! So... I took a picture.

Don't those look good?

We sat down at what I believe was a Taco Bell to eat the Pretzels. This is terrible, but I refilled my Bellagio drink at their soda fountain. I paid $3.50 for it, though... might as well get a refill (from a different venue!). Rachel and Mom let me help them eat their pretzels.

We then headed back to Bellagio to get some sleep before leaving the next day. (So sad!)

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