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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charleston Ghost Tour

I suppose it would be more helpful if I knew the name of the business we booked through, but I cannot recall.

We rode on our bus to the location of the ghost tour. It was difficult to back the bus back out, as it was a narrow driveway. So, they went ahead and backed the bus while it was still light out. We ended up parking it in a tow zone, but we left one of our adults on the bus (she was scared of ghosts), so we hoped we wouldn't get towed.

The ghost tour was very cheesy. Our tour guide was weird.

The story of the building is that it used to be a prison and people were executed there. The College of Charleston purchased the building two years ago and is renovating it to create new classrooms.

However, I personally think that there was little progress to be made considering the amount of time they've had the building. And if I was renovating a building, the first thing to go would be the noose and cage and other things used to "execute" prisoners.

It wasn't scary. Our guide said on the tour before us, someone took a picture of her and in the picture a ghostly skull was floating above her head. So, I had a lot of fun taking pictures of our guide and yelling, "zohhh my gosh I see a GHOST!"

Look... a ghost!

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