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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 6 - Beach

Ahh... same as always. Woke up early, ate breakfast, and went to the beach.

Today, our chair had been moved down. We were also fortunate enough to be sitting by a large group of drunk adults that enjoyed invading our space. One lady spilled beer on my dad while trying to make friendly (drunk) conversation.

We went up for lunch, heated up lean pockets and goofed off, then went back to the beach until...

Helen and I decided to go ahead and take two chairs and our bags to the condo so that we wouldn't have as much to carry when the rain actually came.

We got back to the beach and it hadn't rained, yet. We thought maybe the clouds would pass over without any rain.

Maybe, not...

We decided it was time to pack it up.

And, boy, we made it just in time...

This thing FLEW!

The aftermath

In the meantime, we didn't let the storm affect our dinner plans. Tonight was sundress night at Harry T's (the Wrights had recommended we do this on Friday because they have fireworks).

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