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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 7 - The Track

We brought our balls back to The Track to finish our round of putt-putt from the previous night. We decided that we'd play the first five holes, and you could count the better of your two scores. I think I only improved on one hole. Putt-putt was still pretty backed up, but we didn't think it was as bad as the night before. However, we did have a lot of goof-off time in-between holes...

Helen shot her first hole-in-one EVER!

After putt-putt, we headed over to race go-carts. It's a multi-level wooden track that goes around in circles. It's fun, but the line is always very hot and completely outrageous. Dad thought we didn't have enough tickets, so he bought six more. It turns out we had just enough before. It's three tickets per person to ride (and the minimum age to drive is 14).

We waited about thirty minutes until we finally got to go. We were at the back, and no one passed me the entire time. I passed two people, I think. I know I passed one guy because I got right in front of him, then slammed on my brakes. I was also swerving from side to side so he couldn't pass me. I'm pretty sure I ticked him off.

Helen spun out. bahahaha... she was right behind me, then I wasn't paying much attention. Apparently the guy I passed and made angry rammed right into her right before they were going back into the loading area.

Dad had his camera out and was trying to take pictures, but the lighting is terrible. He did take video, though.

Here's our one picture after, in front of the track.

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