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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 1 - BLT Studio

The room numbers were a wee bit confusing at first... we were on the twelfth floor, yet our room number started with an 8. I found out that this is because the BLT rooms range from 7100-8599 because it is an addition to the Contemporary.

We thought it was odd that the vanity and the kitchenette were in the same "room."

Table already covered in our junk.

Now, for the view...

If you looked straight out the glass door, you saw...

But stand on the balcony and look just a little to your left, and....

A theme park view!!!

Tennis court below

Using zoom.

Using super zoom.

For us, the studio didn't work out that great. There was only one vanity with one small mirror (this room was also designed for tall people, and with the exception of my father, none of us are taller than 5'2"... I had to stand on my toes when using the vanity) and another small mirror in the living room. I didn't like how the vanity was enclosed by the kitchen... it made it very difficult to get by one another as we were preparing for the day.

Rachel and I slept on the pullout together. It was still pretty stiff. I suppose it will get a little softer as it is more used, but when I first laid down, I thought I'd be just as well off sleeping on the floor. However, when I woke up in the morning, I had gotten used to the stiff mattress (I actually prefer stiff mattresses, but this one had no bounce). I think because it was so stiff, we rolled around less in our sleep.

There was plenty of storage, though. We just lived out of our suitcases since it was only a two-night stay, but there were lots of drawers that we could unpack our belongings into if needed.

Now, I could totally see this layout working for us alright when Rachel and I were younger, but since we're old enough to be fixing our hair and make-up every morning, we had to fight over the vanity/mirror space. I think the designers focused a little too much on the appearance of the room, in turn sacrificing function. I really wish they had larger mirrors (no matter how "contemporary" the one looks), and a full-length mirror would be great. I also wish there had been two bathroom sinks in front of this larger mirror, and I would move the counter top down a good 4-6 inches. I'm only five feet tall, but the counter was only a few inches below my chest, which makes me wonder how families with small children would function.

Here's a diagram of the studio layout, courtesy of

As you can see, the kitchenette and bathroom vanitiy are back-to-back, which was a little awkward.

The one-bedroom villa appears to have a better layout, though:

The two-bedroom is actually an adjoined studio/one-bedroom.

And, just for kicks, the lovely three-bedroom Grand Villa:

Ah, a stay in a Grand Villa with a Magic Kingdom view would be just magical.

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