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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 1 - Off to the Magic Kingdom!

Mom and Dad wanted to rest, since they had gone so long without sleeping, and apparently they couldn't do it with us in the room goofing around. So, Mom told us to go exploring.

Rachel and I decided that exploring would best be done at the Magic Kingdom, so we grabbed our keys and our tickets and walked across the Skyway bridge to get to the Contemporary.

View of the Contemporary Marina from the Skyway Bridge

Grand Canyon Concourse

Ah, the Grand!!! My heart really sings when I see it.

We were excited to see Magic Kingdom all dressed up for Halloween. It's been quite a while since we've been there in the fall. Ten years, to be exact.

Now, neither of us knew what we wanted to do. We were just happy to be in the Magic Kingdom. The attraction didn't matter. I finally suggested that we go to the Haunted Mansion, since we were veering in that direction.

Unfortunately, the Haunted Mansion was closed due to technical difficulties, so we headed over to Frontierland in hopes of a short line for Big Thunder Mountain. It was 40 minutes, but we didn't feel like waiting that long, so we went on to Pirates of the Caribbean where we walked right on.

After PoTC, we decided to walk through Fantasyland to see if maybe we could ride it's a small world or the teacups. it's a small world had a 20 minute wait, which is quite outrageous for this attraction. Fantasyland was pretty packed. We realized that most of the families here right now had young children.

So, we headed to Tomorrowland. Rachel was more upset about TTA being closed than Space Mountain (this was actually the first attraction she wanted to do upon entering the park). About now it began raining. We were going to get in line for Buzz, but the line was out the door, and we decided we should just head on to Epcot. So, we made it to Main Street. We would run a distance, then stand under the cover, then run some more. We did this about three or four times before we finally made it out of the park and to the monorail.

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