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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 1 - Escape the rain at Epcot

Now, we had planned to go back to the room before heading to Epcot, but in all of our running and hiding, we ran to the express monorail instead of the resort monorail and certainly did not feel like running out around security to the resort loop (it is quite inconvenient how you have to exit the park to get to the resort loop). So, we rode the monorail to TTC and transferred to the Epcot monorail.

Rachel called Mom and let her know what we were doing. Apparently she was quite in a daze. She didn't even know that we were at Magic Kingdom. She figured we had gone to the pool or something. Rachel told her that she had an umbrella in her bag if she wanted to bring it. Mom asked, "Do I need it?" "Look out the window, Mom... it's pouring!" I had Rachel tell mom to bring the ADR confirmation sheet that I had laid on the table on top of my Unofficial Guide.

Lucky for us, it stopped raining just as we got off the monorail.

Rachel and I checked the queue times at that central board. We wanted to ride Soarin, and they still had FPs, but we weren't sure when Mom and Dad would get to Epcot and whether or not we'd want to FP anything with them. The queue time was only 45 minutes, which is actually pretty good for Soarin, but we didn't have that much time - our dinner reservations were in an hour.

So, we went to the Living Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Yeah, after this picture, I decided it wasn't worth wasting my battery life and memory trying to photograph this ride.

Rachel didn't want to spend much time in the aquarium. She doesn't do well in aquariums or museums. She doesn't have the attention span for that sort of stuff.

Rachel wanted to drink Cokes. (This is all she ever wants to do in Epcot ) So, we headed to Club Cool and tried out the different Cokes. I decided that the only ones I liked were the Mexican soft drink and the Ginger Ale from Mozambique. Everything else was too sweet or too bland. I am a Diet Coke drinker... I don't like a lot of sugary-taste.

After I coaxed Rachel out of Club Cool (I swear she could live in there), we went to Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Normally, we sing along on this ride, but we were sitting behind an elderly couple, and I didn't want to ruin their experience with my not-quite lovely singing voice.

We had about 20 minutes until our ADR at San Angel Inn, and Rachel and I decided to cut it close by doing Mission:Space (though it only had a five minute wait). However, I forgot to factor in the 10 minutes of instructional junk, so it was 7:30 when we actually boarded the shuttle.

I think I freaked out the other people in our spaceship. As soon as we got started, I grabbed the barf bag and started muttering, "Oh no, oh no." Ahh... and then we were pushing all of the buttons, and I didn't follow the directions. I always push my buttons too late, and autopilot takes over.

We got off Mission:Space and raced over to the Mexico Pavillion. Mom and Dad were already at the check-in booth.

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