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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

We got into MK around 9:30, a half hour after park opening. It wasn't very crowded, yet. We headed to Big Thunder Mountain. Unfortunately, it was closed due to technical difficulty, so we just grabbed FPs.

Splash Mountain didn't have a long wait, but Rachel and I didn't feel like getting wet (although it was already super hot out).

So, we headed to the Haunted Mansion, which had no wait.

After the Haunted Mansion, we went to Fantasyland and set sail on the happiest cruise around the world.

Now, I remember they added the Disney character dolls to the it's a small world in Disneyland when they refurbished it, and I could've sworn I'd read that they added them to the MK version as well, but if so, I had little luck in spotting them. There was a bowing Chinese girl that looked like Mulan at the exit of the Asia room, but that's all I could locate.

After it's a small world, we went to Mickey's Philharmagic. It was cute, as always.

Then, it was time for us to head to the Grand Floridian for our 11:00 ADR at 1900 Park Fare.

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