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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 - Brunch at 1900 Park Fare

Okay, so when we left MK, I suggested that we take the water launch to the Grand Floridian instead of the monorail so we wouldn't have to do the full loop. There happened to be a boat for the GF at the dock when we approached it, so we had no wait. It was a quick two minute boat ride... nice breeze (very very hot outside).

We got to the GF and headed to the main building. It was so familiar. We couldn't quite remember where 1900 Park Fare was, so dad asked the hostess at the Princess Tea Party, and she pointed us in the right direction.

We checked-in. I had made this reservation at the same time as the one for San Angel Inn, so we were prepared for our ressie to not show up, but it was there. Rachel went to the restroom, but I saw the outrageous line and decided against it. Our buzzer went off while she was in the restroom, and we had to wait a good five minutes or so for her to come out.

They posed us in front of a wall with a mural of Cinderella's Castle. It was a pretty backdrop. After that, we were seated.

As soon as we sat down, Alice came over to greet us. She was quite chatty and wished Rachel and I both a happy birthday (we are frequently asked if Rachel and I are twins, so when we both had the birthday buttons on, it was assumed... we agreed in advance that we'd be turning seventeen).

Now, the food here was REALLY GOOD. Most people come to the breakfast buffets for the characters (I know we do), but this one actually had a great selection of food. My favorite was the breakfast pizza, which was actually at child's level. There were really good grits and eggs (southern girl needs her grits), as well as sausage and Rachel's favorite, Mickey Mouse waffles. To quote Rachel, "These are the most amazing waffles. I want to know how they get them so crispy on the outside, yet so soft on the inside." This buffet did not disappoint.

We also experimented with different ways to eat Mickey Mouse waffles... Mom put soft serve ice cream on top.

Once again, we celebrated our birthdays. I really liked 1900 Park Fare's birthday celebration. They gave us laminated posters with character signatures on them that said, "I Celebrated My Special Day at 1900 Park Fare."
They also brought us individual birthday cakes.

Since we'd already eaten alot, our waitress offered to box up our cakes so we could take them with us.

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