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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 - Off to Disney's Hollywood Studios

We walked back to the resort and were greeted by...

We went to the room and stored our cakes and freshened up, then finally left to go to DHS at around 7:00. The park closed at 10:00... this gave us about three hours.

So, we went to the bus area. There was an Epcot bus there, but nobody wanted to go to Epcot, apparently. So, we waited. And waited. And more buses came and went, but none for DHS. FINALLY (about 20 minutes later), a very crowded bus came for DHS. We barely got on (even though we were the first people at the bus stop). This bus had to stop and let people off at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian, so it took a while. We got to DHS around 7:40, maybe.

We had three attractions we wanted to get done... the big three - Rockin' Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, and Toy Story Mania.

We checked the wait times, and none looked too good. Fastpasses were all distributed. Dad suggested we do single riders for RnRC.

We got over there, and the line was only 30 minutes, and the single riders line for this doesn't seem to move very fast, so we decided to wait it out. It took about thirty minutes. Unfortunately, at the end of the ride, our picture did not show up on the monitor.

After RnRC, we headed over to ToT.

The wait for ToT was only about ten minutes.

Next, we headed over to TSM to check the wait time.... 50 minutes (which Rachel pointed out was actually half the time it had said when we first got into the park). Dad saw signs for the American Idol Attraction and wanted to go do that. He didn't realize that it was a show and that the last showtime was at 7:00. Then, he led us back to TSM the long way. We did a lot of worthless walking, and the line appeared longer once we got back, but we figured we had nothing better to do but wait in line, so we might as well.

The wait was truly about 50 minutes. We thought they'd cut the line off eventually, but they kept letting people get in line, so I suppose they would run the ride another hour until everyone got through.

Rachel beat me. She beat me the first round, and I never caught up. That game really tired out my hand. And I kept laughing and yelling, "THIS HURTS!" so I was having difficulty aiming and pumping that little ball at the same time (does anyone else think this game looks somewhat like the Wii skit from last season's SNL?). Yeah, Rachel killed me. I wished we could've had a rematch.

We went on out of the park. We didn't realize there was a 10:00 showing of Fantasmic (not like we really like Fantasmic or anything... it's our least favorite nighttime show). We could see it from the bus stop, though.

We got on the bus and grabbed four seats - two facing forwards, two back. On the other side of the aisle, there was this family that kept staring at us. Possibly because we were taking goofy pictures like this...

"At Disney, you sleep with a smile."

Well, the staring family got invaded by this other family. They stuck their little girl on the floor in between the rows facing eachother. It was weird. Then, the man gave up his seat to this woman carrying a baby (that was nice). The woman with the baby then let the baby lay on the teenage boy sitting in the other seat. It was quite awkward. Then, she started talking about pool hopping, and I had to hold my breath and not tell her that it was a Disney Sin. She was saying how if they have breakfast at a restaurant at a hotel, they'll bring their swimsuits and stay and swim. She then started bashing Akershus, saying that it had really weird food. I was like... lady... it's a freakin' Norwegian restaurant. Why are you hating on the Norwegian food? Her son was standing up beside me and she kept yelling at him to stay seated. She'd yell at her daughter to stay seated, too. Yeah... they were quite amusing.

We got back to the resort, and Rachel wanted to go swimming.

We decided to go "pool hopping." (Don't freak - it was "legal" for us to go to these pools.) We started with the pool at the Contemporary. There were a bunch of kids there, all playing around this little island in the center. They were fighting eachother to be on the island. One kid would get up and the others would knock him off and it was a battle of the fittest, I suppose. Rachel and I swam for a few minutes (more like waded in the no-kid part), then got in the hot tub. After fifteen minutes in that hot tub, we dried off and went back to BLT. We swam in the pool for a while. It was quite refreshing. Then, we sat in the hot tub. By now, it was after midnight (the pool was open from 7 am to 12 am), but nobody came to kick us out. Rachel realized that BLT had a beach, and we decided to go walk on it. It was a little beach, but we sat in the chairs and it was quite relaxing to just be in the quiet. We talked about stuff. We talked about Disney and how we didn't want to go home.

When we got back to the room at 12:30, Mom asks us if we'd seen Dad. We hadn't taken our cell phones with us (mine was charging) and they didn't know where we were or why we didn't come back at midnight. Mom was afraid that we'd been kidnapped and taken advantage of in a stairwell somewhere (she's such a worry-wart... the thought never would've crossed my mind at WDW, but I suppose it happens). Dad was at the Contemporary looking for us. Apparently, he did the exact opposite of our path.

But, all was well. We didn't get in trouble (phew...).

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