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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Island Princess Christmas Cruise [Day 2] - Sea Day

We were hauling ass to get to Aruba. I actually don't have many photos from this day, and none at all from the afternoon.

Rachel and I had ordered room service. We arrived to the pool deck around 10 or so and lucked out finding two random chairs which we pulled together to the front of the ship. Lack of pool chairs was a big problem on this cruise. There was a lot of deck space, but no chairs. I think that on most sailings, this isn't a problem because of the typical demographics of their passengers. However, we were told by staff that there are two sailings a year where they get a large number of young people, and that's Christmas and New Year's. Perhaps they could acquire extra chairs for these two sailings because the number they had onboard was nowhere near adequate.

Our parents met a family from South Carolina whose daughter attended Clemson. They were an adorable family decked out in Lilly Pulitzer, so they were always easy to spot. The daughter was in the same sorority as Rachel's roommate and knew her. Surprisingly, this girl didn't hang out with us at all during the cruise. We hardly saw her. Rachel did catch her the last day, and she told her she spent a lot of her time in the cabin sleeping. We talked to her mom a lot, though - she was so friendly.

We did a little hot tubbing and got ready for Formal Night early so that we could enjoy the Captain's Party. We hung out at the champagne bar outside our room before hand, and both went up to pour champagne into the fountain. We actually only have a few photos from that night, though we did buy the photos from onboard.




After dinner, we went to Princess's version of the Newlywed Show. Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean also have variations, but Royal Caribbean definitely executes theirs the best in my opinion. Royal always tries to get a newlywed couple, a middle-of-the-road couple, and the longest married couple. Princess just pulled four couples... I'm guessing this is because this ship doesn't see a lot of honeymooning couples and that most cruisers fit into the latter category.

Princess invited us to an "Under the Radar" event that night for people 18-20s. We weren't going to go, but went because the girl we met earlier from Clemson said she was going. She wasn't there. But we did meet a bunch of fun girls that we continued to hang out with throughout the cruise.

NEXT: Day 3 - Sea Day

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