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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Island Princess Christmas Cruise [Day 3] - Sea Day

Our sea days aren't very entertaining to write about. It was more sunning for us. However, we weren't so lucky with pool chairs this time, so Rachel and I had to lay on our towels on the deck until two emptied up beside us. Rachel was eating lunch, so as soon as the two people in chairs beside us got up, I moved our stuff over. Apparently a man had been watching them leave from the Splash Pool deck above and was very huffy when he realized that I had gotten to the chairs first. But he didn't say anything to me, so his problem, not mine. (If he had just asked me if he could have them, thrown out some excuse how he can't lay on the deck because he's not as young and unbreakable, whatever, I would've definitely let him have the chairs. But if you don't ask, you won't receive.)

They were having some sort of sushi buffet in Horizons. Rachel brought me sushi. It was not good. Very sticky - too much rice. I wasn't a fan.

Rachel and I cleaned up early that day, then realized there wasn't really anything to do inside. So we went and got some hamburgers by the pool. I hadn't pulled out my camera at all until I saw this and couldn't resist.

Some mother was changing her daughter on the pool deck. She was holding a towel up around her while talking to another adult and not paying much attention. Well, she dropped the towel, and as soon as she did, the little girl started dancing. I'm not sure if it was coincidence or intentional, but it was pretty hilarious an an adorable yet incredibly wrong way.


We then watched Back to the Future on the outdoor movie screen. Despite my love for Disney, my favorite movie of all time is actually Back to the Future.


Dinner that night was uneventful as far as I can remember.



The Centrum on Princess's ships is very similar to the Centrum on Royal Caribbean's Sovereign through Radiance class ships. I really like the concept of the Centrum and am honestly not the biggest fan of the Promenade on Royal's Voyager and larger class ships.


As far as Christmas decorations on Princess, it really depends on which Royal Caribbean ship you compare it to. When we sailed on the tiny Grandeur of the Seas, Christmas decor was very dated and shabby looking. However, the Mariner and Adventure have huge trees in the Promenade. Princess had Christmas decor throughout the ship, but no large, well-decorated tree anywhere.


They did have this interesting Gingerbread Village.





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