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Monday, June 17, 2019

[Day 2] Disney Wonder - At Sea

Rise and shine, it's our first sea day!  We could see land in the distance as we sailed south all day -

At Sea

Aaron was pretty nervous about seasickness, so he took a Dramamine every morning.  He also brought along Gin-Gins - ginger candies are a natural way to cure seasickness.  But the entire, cruise, he never got sick!

At Sea

We went to Triton's for brunch that morning.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict "Royale" -


And we split some Mickey waffles -


Aaron ordered the Breakfast Express, which is your standard breakfast fare of eggs, hash browns, and sausage. I should've warned him about cruise ship (carton) eggs.

After breakfast, we headed up to the Quiet Cove for a nice pool day.

Quiet Cove

Pool Day

Pool Day

Deck 10 was really windy, so we went down to Deck 9 to hang out by the pool. When we arrived, all of the pool loungers were claimed, so we just posted up on a bench and headed to the hot tub. After a few hours, chairs opened up and we were able to grab two loungers. We learned that a house margarita, frozen or solid, is $7.76 (though they kept trying to upgrade me to Don Juio.... yeesh, how fancy do I look?), a pretty good deal.

Here's the drink menu from Pinocchio's Pizzeria (I said on Day 1 that they don't have a full-service bar by the family pool, but they do serve mixed drinks at the pizzeria) -

Pool Drinks

After several hours we decided to pack up and find some (late!) lunch, and we found the Shawarma served by the Aqua Lab. I was very happy with the Shawarma - this is something I wish other cruise lines (*coughroyalcaribbean*) would offer - different types of quick-serve food throughout the afternoon.


We headed back to the room to get ready for all of the Captain's Night festivities. We had mail! It was a very sexist assumption about who booked our dinner reservation (it was me) -

Palo Invitation

Ready for the Golden Mickeys!

Formal Night

I had seen The Golden Mickeys before on the Disney Dream.  It follows the traditional Disney show format of having some sort of theme which loosely ties together songs from different Disney movies.  The theme here is an award show, like the Oscars.  The scheduled host, Bob Iger, is MIA, and it's up to the less-than-confident stagehand to host the event.  She spends the entire show mustering up some Disney courage, with the help of familiar friends.  And in the end, what do you know - she's having the time of her life!  The narrative is a total cheese factory, but the musical numbers are very entertaining and make the show worthwhile.

Since tonight was the Captain's Gala, the captain and his crew came onstage to greet  us -

Captain's Gala

Disney gives away free wine and other drinks at the Captain's reception on the first formal night, so I had enough to try to be an Instagram model...

Formal Night

Our dinner that evening was in Triton's, our favorite of the three dining rooms.

I always get escargot on cruises.  It's kind of a cruise staple.

Gaston's Escargot Gratinee

Aaron got the duck confit -

Duck Confit

And the Roasted Rack of Lamb Medium (lots of lamb this cruise) -

Roasted Rack of Lamb Medium

And I had the Crispy Roasted Duck Breast -

Crispy Roasted Duck Breast

Aaron went with the Crème Brulee for dessert.  Pretty good!

Creme Brulee

And another cruise staple for me, the Grand Marnier Souffle.  Love it -

Grand Marnier Souffle

So we thought - it's formal night, maybe people will be hanging out!  We went by After Hours, and there were people there, so we headed upstairs to our rooms to get our beer mugs.  Then on the way out the door, Aaron accidentally stepped on my toe.  I cried out to let him know I didn't appreciate that, and then he looked down and realized my toe was bleeding profusely.  So we had to press it with a washcloth and get the bleeding to stop.  Okay, okay, it's fine - let's go!  Anddddd… we got back to After Hours and everyone had disappeared.  So another early bedtime for us!

Formal Night

See you in Cabo San Lucas!


  1. OH NO!! Did you have to go to the infirmary? At least it happened in the evening so you could have the night for it to heal (hopefully); I love lamb too; wish my cruises served it more than once; Can't wait for part 3

    1. It was one of those things that didn't really hurt but managed to make a big mess! My toe was fine - just not very pretty, haha!

  2. I would never step on your toe. If only you'd taken me on this cruise instead of Aaron ;)

  3. That is the one thing that I didn't like about our time on the Disney Cruise, there was absolutely no night life for the whole 7 days. I guess I should have expected it with all the kids that need to be in bed early.