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Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 7 - Bellagio Breakfast Buffet

While Rachel and I were trying to get ourselves out of our comfy bed, Dad came upstairs (probably from a trip to Tix 4 Tonight) all excited about the breakfast buffet. “It’s not that much more expensive than the Circus Circus buffet!” Apparently they had let him take a look around inside and he really wanted some food. Great…

Now, I didn’t really want to do another buffet (I don’t care for buffets at all), but I went along with the family. We waited in line for forty five minutes before getting to the cash register. By the time we could pay, it was now time for the lunch price. They still had the breakfast food out, though… so we paid an extra five dollars per person to eat breakfast food.

The interior of Bellagio’s buffet was much nicer (surprise, surprise). There was no long buffet line – it was more of the walk-up kind you find on cruise ships and at WDW buffets (I much prefer this – I hate waiting on someone to take their time getting everything when all I want is a biscuit). I wandered around. I ate about the same as last time. When they put out the sushi bar for lunch, I went up to fight the old ladies in their Cache capri outfits for some California rolls. I mainly ate dessert, though. I didn’t find anything absolutely outstanding. Once again, I’m really not a food person.

We snuck some apples out. They weren’t monitoring the exit, and we had paid enough, so it really wasn’t a big deal.

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