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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 2 - Fun in Frontierland

We got of the railroad at the Frontierland station and headed to Big Thunder Mountain to use our FPs from that morning.

After Big Thunder Mountain, Dad just had to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a 20 minute wait, which is actually a bit long for this ride, but we went on in. It turned out to be more like a five to ten minute wait. Most of the wait is actually the time it takes to walk the long queue.

After POTC, Dad had the urge to FP, again, so we sent him to FP either Splash or Big Thunder while we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

I actually still quite enjoy this. It's kind of an inside joke, because you don't understand this version unless you're familiar with the original (my friend, Emily, didn't understand it back in 2008). I enjoy the little jokes about performing the same show since 1963. Idk, I like corny stuff. Aw, man... come to mention corny, I just realized we forgot to do the Jungle Cruise! Bummer. Guess I'll have to go back....

Dad met back up with us after the Tiki Room. It was 2:45, and I suggested we line up for the 3:00 parade. Frontierland was very hot, and all of the shady spots were claimed. We hung out in a shady spot, then about five minutes before 3:00, we moved to an empty spot in the sun.

But the parade didn't come at 3:00. And it was hot, hot, HOT. Rachel and I took turns ducking into the nearby air-conditioned store.

Now, I could've sworn the parade started at Frontierland. When I marched the parade back in 2008, it started at Frontierland and ended at Main Street. But this parade came from Main Street. Perhaps they switched the beginning point when they turned it into the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade?

Now, did you notice how sweaty everyone was? Especially the dancers? It was FLIPPIN HOT!!!! We were sweating buckets by the time it was over... we all ran into that pin trading gift shop to cool off. I'd heard that Disney had been trying to save some money on air-conditioning over the summer, but luckily, today they were blasting it.

We were in the gift shop, cooling off, and we had some time to kill, so I suggested we head over to Liberty Square and see our new Pres at Hall of Presidents.

We pretty much ran there. Thank goodness they were blasting the AC, as well.

The show was just about to start. I can't remember if it was an announcement or a recording, but before the show, they said, "In order to maintain the dignity of this performance, no flash photography, please." Cool.

Well, as soon as Abe Lincoln came on stage to make his speech, someone flashed a camera in the front.

Then when Obama was accepting Oath of Office or whatever, the person beside us decided to take a flash picture.

After the show was over, the CM said, "Thank you to those who DID NOT take flash pictures during the performance." Call out....

Other than that, I found this version of HoP much more tolerable than the previous. The narration was much better, and I thought they chose good events to highlight (But, of course, we skipped over the US's not-so-great moments, glorifying American history... but that's what we do. I personally would've found it more interesting if they'd chosen to highlight the events that took place during Nixon [my gov teacher would be very disappointed that they did not cover "The Honorable Richard M. Nixon's" term] and Reagan's presidencies, but I suppose they are a bit too recent [not for me] to be historical.). It was a nice break from the heat, though.

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